Accepted Notes

This is a preliminary list of Notes to be presented in interactive poster sessions at the conference. Details on the poster session(s) will follow shortly

Title Authors
Survivability to Sustainability of Biodiversity: What do ICTs and Indigenous Knowledge have to do with it? Muthoni Masinde
Participate, Collaborate, and Decide: Defining Design Problems in a Syrian Community Ammar Halabi; Basile Zimmermann; Michele Courant
The Ability of Video Training to Reduce Agricultural Knowledge Gaps between Men and Women in Rural Uganda Tian Cai; Eric Abbott
Participatory Action Research & Inclusive Information and Knowledge Management for Empowerment Larry Stillman
Impact of the Introduction of IC Card Transport Fare Collection System and Anti-corruption — Case Study of a Pilot Project for a Government Bus Corporation in Bangladesh Tsuyoshi Kano
Evaluation of the Use of Mobile Technology to Promote Learning Outcomes in Secondary Schools in Uganda Vincent Kizza
Lean e-Integration for Development: The Case of the National Licensing Center in Albania Endrit Kromidha
Assessment of Community Wellness Outcomes to Measure ICT Impact Ricardo Gomez; Philip Reed; Hwa Young Chae
Designing for Trauma: the Roles of ICTD in Combating Violence against Women (VAW) Revi Sterling
Exploring New Perspectives for Digital Inclusion Projects in Rural Areas: A View from Complexity Science Arturo Serrano-Santoyo; Veronica Rojas-Mendizabal; Cristian Castillo-Olea
An Ethnographic Assessment of Electronic Cash Transfers in Ghana's Remote Rural North Eva Krah; Johannes De Kruijf
Balancing Burden and Benefit: Non-Prescribed Use of Employer-Issued Mobile Devices Ariel Schwartz; Mohini Bhavsar; Ed Cutrell; Jonathan Donner; Melissa Densmore
Community-Based Solar Power Revenue Alternative to Improve Sustainability of a Rural Wireless Mesh Network Carlos Rey-Moreno; Zukile Roro; William D. Tucker; Masbulele Jay Siya
Bringing Visibility to Rural Users in Ivory Coast Morgan Vigil
Me @ Teen Design Days: A Multi-Disciplinary, Design Thinking Approach to Community Development Ann Bishop; Karen Fisher; Lassana Magassa; Philip Fawcett
Materializing Digital Inequalities: the Digital Artifacts of the Marginalized David Nemer; Shad Gross; Nic True
Improving ICT Support for Aboriginal Land Councils in New South Wales Peter Radoll; Sebastian Fleissner; Duncan Stevenson; Henry Gardner
Mobiles and Migration: Global Data on Immigrant Population and Mobile Subscriptions Melissa Loudon
The Agent in a Transformational M-Banking Ecosystem – Interface or Intermediary? Ishita Ghosh
Towards Operationalizing Outlier Detection in Community Health Programs Ted McCarthy; Brian DeRenzi; Emma Brunskill; Joshua Blumenstock
Understanding mHealth Impact among Aponjon (MAMA Bangladesh) Subscribers through a Phone Survey in Bangladesh Atik Ahsan; Ananya Raihan
Investigating the Potentials of Social Media to Support Women Entrepreneurship in Indonesian Urban Areas Ezmieralda Melissa
How ICT Hubs Models Have Impacted on the Technology Entrepreneurship Development Hilda Morra; Duncan Gathege
Drop Drop - A Prototypical Mobile Application Educating on the Water System through Private Meter Readings Patrick Rein; Ulrike Rivett; Michael Champanis
Voice-Based Marketing for Agricultural Products: A Case Study in Rural Northern Ghana Francis Dittoh; Chris van Aart; Victor de Boer
Mobile4D: Crowdsourced Disaster Alerting and Reporting Lutz Frommeberger; Falko Schmid
TV White Spaces, I presume? Marco Zennaro; Ermanno Pietrosemoli; Andrés Emilio Arcia-Moret; Chomora Mikeka; Jonathan Pinifolo; Chris Wang; Steve Song
Changing Mindsets: The Attitude of Pre-service Teachers on Technology for Teaching Marta Pucciarelli; Amalia Sabiescu; Izak Van Zy; Andy Bytheway; Wallace Chigona; Lorenzo Cantoni Lugano; Stefano Tardini
Conceptualising ICT4D Project Champions Jaco Renken; Richard Heeks
Simplifying and Improving Mobile Based Data Collection Abhishek Gupta; Jatin Thapar; Amarjeet Singh; Pushpendra Singh
African Rural Communities Crowdsource Technology Development Colin Stanley; Heike Winschiers-Theophilus; Michel Onwordi; Gereon Kapuire
The SMS-text Adherence Support (StAR) Study – Hardware and Software Infrastructure David Springer; Kirsten Bobrow; Andrew Farmer; Lionel Tarassenko; Naomi Levitt
Community Detection in Cellular Network Traces Mariya Zheleva; Paul Schmitt; Morgan Vigil; Elizabeth Belding
Piloting an mHealth Intervention for At-Risk Adolescent Girls in Soweto, South Africa: Studying the Additive Effects of SMSs on Improving Sexual Jamison Merrill; Rebecca Hershow; Katherine Gannett; Chris Barkley Reproductive Health & Rights Outcomes
Doctor-Patient Interaction in Telemedicine: Linking the Structurational Aspects to Institutionalization Rajesh Chandwani; Rahul De
A Connective Massive Open Online Course for K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teachers in New Mexico Pueblo Schools Josephine Kilde; John Bennett; Lorenzo Gonzales; Revi Sterling
Community Building for Capacity Building: Case Study of Liberia's iLab Ellen Zegura; Rebecca Grinter
Airavat: An Automated System to Increase Transparency and Accountability in Social Welfare Schemes in India Vivek Srinivasan; Vibhore Vardhan; Snigdha Kar; Siddhartha Asthana; Rajendran Narayanan; Pushpendra Singh; Dipanjan Chakraborty; Amarjeet Singh; Aaditeshwar Seth
Understanding Jugaad: ICTD and the Tensions of Local Appropriation, Innovation and Utility Nimmi Rangaswamy; Melissa Densmore
Outside Looking In: Shaping Access and Use of PCCs Preeti Mudliar; Sharon Strover; Kenneth Flamm
MVoice: A Mobile Based Generic ICT Tool Siddhartha Asthana; Pushpendra Singh,
Design and Implementation of a Mobile Scaffolding Application to Support Learners of Computer Programming Chao Mbogo
SMS-based Accountability to Beneficiaries Mechanisms in Humanitarian Aid and Development Laura Walker
Computer Science Research Capacity as a Driver of ICTD Innovation: Institutional Factors in Kenya and Uganda Matthew Harsh; Gregg Zachary
Psychological Dynamics in ICTD Projects Alexander Gloss; Tara Behrend; Garett Howardson; Lori Foster Thompson; Scott McCallum
Questioning to Feedback: Improving Public Health Messaging Trevor Perrier; Abhigyan Kaustubh; Richard Anderson
Maps, Politics and Data Sharing: A Palestinian Puzzle Carleen Maitland
Ila Dhageyso: An Interactive Voice Forum to Foster Transparent Governance in Somaliland Mohamed Gulaid; Aditya Vashistha; William Thies