Accepted Full Papers

This is a preliminary list of Full Papers to be presented at the conference. Detailed sessions schedules will follow shortly.

Title Authors
When There's a Will, There Might be a Way: The Economic Impact of Mobile Phones and Entrepreneurial Motivation on Female-owned Microenterprises Han Ei Chew; Vigneswara Ilavarasan; Mark Levy
Reconstructing the State through ICTs? A Case of State-Level Computerization in the Indian Public Distribution System Silvia Masiero
Chale, How Much it Cost to Browse?: Results from a Mobile Data Price Transparency Trial in Ghana Nithya Sambasivan; Paul Lee; Greg Hecht; Paul M. Aoki; Maria-Ines Carrera; Jenny Chen; David Pablo Cohn; Pete Kruskall; Everett Wetchler; Michael Youssefmir; Astrid Twenebowa Larssenl
Using Automated Voice Calls to Improve Adherence to Iron Supplements During Pregnancy: A Pilot Study William Thies; Niranjan Pai; Pradnya Supe; Shailesh Kore; Y.S. Nandanwar; Aparna Hegde; Ed Cutrell
TroTro: Web Browsing and User Interfaces in Rural Ghana Jay Chen; Laura Li
When Technology Doesn?t Fit: Information Sharing Practices among Farmers in Rural China Elisa Oreglia
Integrating ODK Scan into the Community Health Worker Supply Chain in Mozambique Nicola Dell; Jessica Crawford; Nathan Breit; Tim¬Ęteo Chaluco; Aida Coelho; Gaetano Borriello
Benefits and Barriers of ICT Usage at Open University: A case study of Indonesian domestic workers in Singapore Nadia Mahmud; Reidinar Juliane Wardoyo
The PartoPen in Practice: Evaluating the Impact of Digital Pen Technology on Maternal Health in Kenya Heather Underwood; Revi Sterling; John Bennett
Value of Mobile Monitoring for Diabetes in Developing Countries Suzana Brown; Timothy Brown
Literacy acquisition, informal learning and mobile phones in a South African township Fie Velghe
Local, Sustainable, Small-Scale Cellular Networks Kurtis Heimerl; Shaddi Hasan; Kashif Ali; Tapan Parikh; Eric Brewer
Tweet to Trust: Social Media and Elections in West Africa Thomas Smyth; Michael Best
Revisiting the Fishers of Kerala, India Janaki Srinivasan; Jenna Burrell
The Impact of Public Access to ICTs: Findings from a five-year, eight-country study Chris Coward; Francois Bar; Lucas Koepke; Chris Rothschild; George Sciadas; Araba Sey
The Evolving Braid: How an Organization in Uganda Achieved Reliable Communications Melissa Densmore; Ben Bellows; John Chuang; Eric Brewer
From infomediaries to infomediation at public access venues: Lessons from a 3-country study Ricardo Ramirez; Balaji Parthasarathy; Andrew Gordon
Credibility, accountability and transparency in local service delivery? The helpline and Aasthi in Karnataka, India Anjali Mohan; Ed Cutrell; Balaji Parthasarathy
Marginality, Aspiration and Accessibility in ICTD Joyojeet Pal; Tawfiq Ammari; Meera Lakshmanan; Ana Maria Huaita Alfaro; Ramaswami Mahalingam
Like a hustler: Aligning Intervention Design with Informal Labor Practices Kartikeya Bajpai; Janelle Larson; Khanjan Mehta
Creating Machine Readable Men: Legitimizing the ?Aadhaar? Mega E-Infrastructure Project in India Aditya Johri; Janaki Srinivasan
Minding the Gaps: Cultural, Technical and Gender-based Barriers to Mobile Use in Oral-Language Berber Communities in Morocco Leslie Dodson; John Bennett; Revi Sterling
Understanding Barriers to Information Access and Disclosure for HIV+ Women Meena Natarajan; Tapan Parikh
Play and power: a ludic design proposal for ICTD Padma Chirumamilla; Joyojeet Pal
Aakash: The Anatomy of a Computer Preeti Mudliar; Joyojeet Pal
Dealing with the Digital Panopticon: The Use and Subversion of ICT in an Indian Bureaucracy Rajesh Veeraraghavan
Software Support for Creating Digital Health Training Materials in the Field Maletsabisa Molapo; Gary Marsden